Minutes of the General Assembly of the IASJ

Viljandi, Estonia, Friday July 6th, 2018

EMBA /TAMABA Ale Demogli
KUG Günther Brück
Royal Conservatoire Antwerp Jan de Haas
Croatia Rock Academy Ladislav Račić
Estonian Music and Theatre Academy Jaak Sooäär
University of Tartu, Viljandi Culture Academy Inaki Sandoval
Also present: Ahto Abner, Tuulike Kivestu
University of the Art, Helsinki, Jari Perkiömäki
Centre des Musiques Didier Lockwood Chantal Charlier
Jazz Institute der Höchschule für Music and Theater, Munich Andy Kissenback
University of Music and Performing Arts, Mannheim Michael Küttner
Rimon School of Music, Ramat Hasharon Ofer Portugaly
Jazep Vitols Latvian Music Academy Indrikis Veitners
Riga Dom Choir School - Jazz Department Tālis Gzibovskis
Also present: Zigmunds Zukovskis
Ventspils Mūzikas Vidusskola Jēkabs Macpans
Royal Conservatory, The Hague, Wouter Turkenburg
Also present: Anka Koziel
Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa Ricardo Pinheiro
Hot Clube Joana Espadinha
Universidade Lusiada de Lisboa Massimo Cavallio
Also present: Jorge Moniz
Fridhems Folkhögskola Anders Vestergård
Lucerne School of Music Roberto Bossard
New England Conservatory, Boston Ken Schaphorst
SUNY, New Paltz Jeff Siegel
Also present (proxy): Rich Syracuse
The New School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, NYC Keller Coker
University of Colorado, Bolder John Gunther
University of Massachusetts, Amherst Felipe Salles
University of Miami, Frost School of Music Gary Keller
Royal Academy of Music, London Nick Smart

IASJ Board:
Present: Jari Perkiömäki (Chairman)
Nick Smart
Jaak Sooäär

Absent: Lupa Santiago (has stepped down)
Dimos Dimitriadis (Secretary, could not be present) Hämi Hämmerli (Treasurer, could not be present)
Bernhard Hofmann (Board Member, could not be present)

Also present: Wouter Turkenburg (Executive Director)

1. Opening Remarks
Chairman Jari Perkiömäki welcomes all participants to the General Assembly.
He announces that elections to the board will take place since there are three candidates and two vacancies.
The Voting Committee consists of Walter Turkenburg, and two volunteers from the Viljandi Culture Academy. The voting procedure is explained.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting
Minutes of the General Assembly July 2017, Siena, Italy read and approved

3. Financial Report
- Financial Report 2017 presented to the GA.
Financial committee consisting of Ronan Guilfoyle and Michael Küttner approved the financial report proposed by the Full Board. GA approves report and releases treasurer and board of the responsibility of this report.
- Financial planning 2018: key figures shown and explained to GA by the ED and approved by GA. The board took note of the suggestion to create a financial action plan for the actions to be taken in the years to come.

4. IASJ Documentation
The Charter, The Bye-Laws, The IASJ Jazz Meeting Guidelines

No changes, suggestions and remarks. The ED will make an update of the guidelines.

5. IASJ Publications
Suggested was that more communication between the board and the membership could take place via the homepage and newsletters. The present homepage will be split into separate ones for publicity, advertisement and documentation. The wish was expressed to make an IASJ Brochure.

6. The IASJ Future Development
• Affiliations and Collaborations:
International Music Council (IMC), European Music Council (EMC); Association Européenne des Conservatoires (AEC), ISIM, CLAEM; Jazz Educators Network (JEN);

• Strategic Plan 2016-2020:
The current plan remains the same. Members are encouraged to promote the IASJ more by contacting and informing possible new members. The SB will no longer be located in the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. The ED is given the task to find a new location.

7. Elections to the Board
Bernard Hofmann steps down in 2018: stand for re-election
Lupa Santiago steps down in 2018: has resigned
Hämi Hämmerli steps down in 2019
Jaak Sooäär steps down in 2020
Jari Perkiömäki steps down in 2020
Dimos Dimitriadis steps down in 2021
Nick Smart steps down in 2021

Candidates for election to the board:
Bernard Hofmann stands for re-election
Ricardo Pinheiro stands for election
Iñaki Sandoval stands for election

Voting procedure explained by the voting committee
Voting by ballots, ballots handed out. Voting takes place.

8. The future IASJ Jazz Meetings and IASJ Jazz Education Conferences
2019 IASJ Jazz Meeting, Zagreb, Croatia.
Ladislav Račić presents an update of the program of the program. The ED has visited the host school and reports to the GA. Early registration is needed in order to book hostels for students and hotels for teachers/representatives.

Other future IASJ Jazz Meetings and IASJ Jazz Conferences.
Ale Demogli, teacher at EMBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, shows promo-film and expresses the willingness of EMBA to organize the 2020 IASJ Jazz Meeting, or in later years.
Gary Keller form the University of Miami, USA, will look into the options to organize the 2020 IASJ Jazz Meeting at his school.

Decided is that the board looks at the options and takes a decision in the spring of 2019. In the GA of 2019 the decision will be announced where the 2020 IASJ Jazz Meeting takes place.

Wouter Turkenburg looks into the options to have an IASJ Jazz Conference in the fall of 2019 at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, The Netherlands.

9. Any other business
No discussion.

10. Results of the voting
Ricardo Pinheiro and Iñaki Sandoval are elected to the IASJ Board. The chairman welcomes the new board members. Words of thanks are expressed to Bernard Hofmann, not elected.

11. Statement of the Artistic Director and the Executive Director
ED praises the Viljandi Culture Academy for organizing such a successful and special meeting.
The Chairman expresses thanks to the Viljandi team that did such a wonderful job.

12. Closing of the General Assembly by the Chairman
The IASJ flag is handed over by Tuulike Kivestu to Ladislav Račić.
The Chairman closes the 2018 GA.