At first the new born jazz departements orperated in complete isolation from each other. David Liebman took the initiative to bring together those heads of jazz departments that he knew to a gathering in Rottenburg, Germany in 1998. Out of this meeting came to idea to establish an association of schools of jazz and to have an annual meeting every year in a diffent country.

The first IASJ Jazz Meeting was organized by Wouter Turkenburg at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, The Netherlands. He became the first IASJ Chairman and later the Executive Director of the IASJ. Together with Graham Collier of the Royal Academy of Music in London, UK, who bwcame the first Secretary of the IASJ, he legally founded the IASJ in 1992.The Royal Conservatory in The Hague became the legal home of the IASJ

Founder David Liebman became the Artistic Director of the IASJ. He conducted most of the IASJ Jazz Meetings in the past. He describes the IASJ as 'by far the most important achievement in my live, besides playing music'.

After the first meeting in 1990 there has never been a shortage of school of jazz that wanted to organize IASJ Jazz Meetings as well. Overview of places where IASJ Jazz Meeting took place: IASJ Jazz Meetings List.

After 30 years of existence the IASJ has become the major network for jazz education. IASJ Jazz Meetings offer participating students a live-changing experience, participating teachers a boost in their international carreers and contacts, and directors of jazz programs state of the art insights where jazz and jazz education is heading.

Wouter Turkenburg

IASJ Executive Director