ladislav officeWelcome to Zagreb, Croatia!

Hello, I am Ladislav Racic, the Host School Coordinator of the 2019 IASJ Jazz Meeting. Zagreb is the capital of Croatia with over million inhabitants. Zagreb has a vibrant cultural life in which jazz plays a major role.

I run a private rock and jazz school that is situated in the city center, in a park behind the main cathedral. My school was founded 25 years ago under the name of ROCK AKADEMIJA and it is the only school in the country with the program of elementary and middle music education for popular and jazz music with nearly 300 students. In the building there is a drama school and an art school as well. The school can provide 3 well equipped combo rooms. The other 3 combo rooms are set up in an elementary school at a 5 minutes walking distance.

Zagreb is a very generous city with many good and not so expensive restaurants, bars and hotels, beautiful squares, markets and streets. The medieval old center, not far from the school, has its own glory. Everything is in walking distance and once you find your way, you will love the city even more.

In the summertime the weather is very nice. It is warm but not too hot. Public life is out on the streets and squares. It is busy but not rushed. Public transportation is excellent and cheap while taxi fares are also reasonable, and Uber is available.

On your free day you can explore the beautiful city of Zagreb even more, go to the country side, into the mountains situated north of the city or just relax at any street corner. Zagreb is clean and safe.

I would not be surprised if many participants decide to stay in Croatia after the IASJ Jazz Meeting and go to the coast for a summer holiday. Of course, I am subjective, but the coast and the islands of Croatia are some of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean Sea.

Enjoy your stay at the 2019 IASJ Jazz Meeting in Zagreb, Croatia and please come back any time.

Ladislav Račić, prof.

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Zagreb, Park Ribnjak 1

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